Installing Marble Accents: Oakville Ingenuity

Installing Marble Accents: Oakville Ingenuity
For centuries, decorators and homeowners use marble to create an ambience of luxury. Classic white and grey marble counters and marble tile floors give any kitchen space a timeless elegance. However, Oakville homeowners are proving that installing marble tiles need not carry a traditional look. Some Oakville homeowners are getting funky with marble tiles!
Marble Tile Decorating Ideas
Many homeowners love the look of marble, but can't afford to do either marble floors or countertops. Possessed of an informal and eclectic sense of style, some Oakville decorators and homeowners have created funky and unusual marble tile designs, including:
  • The Elegant Mosaic, and Variations. This classic design uses narrow oblong white marble mosaic tiles to cover the backsplash area behind the counter. In an imaginative twist, one homeowner used the same tiles in various colours to create a vibrant effect. She was able to buy the tiles very cheaply, as they were in an "odds and ends” bin at her local hardware.
  • Subway Tile Art. Subway tile is another classic look. Using large pearly subway tiles and a variety of smaller tiles studded with coloured glass beads, one Oakville homeowner created an asymmetrical and luminescent backsplash. Another used subway tiles placed vertically, rather than horizontally, along her counter wall; still another created a spiraling mural on one wall created with a variety of brightly coloured marble subway tiles.
  • The Fireplace Dazzle. One Oakville do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiast gave his fireplace a sparkling makeover by removing brick from the inner portion, and replacing it with large subway tile. The resulting design – shiny marble tile framed by painted brick – gave the whole living room a new look.
  • Metal and Marble. Tiny square tiles of shimmery brushed metal in jewel tones interspersed with narrow white marble tiles frame the window of one teenaged girl's bedroom. A small mirror on the wall is framed with the same tiles, and a rag rug that echoes both the coloured metal and the white marble helps to unify the look.
  • Marble Crazy Quilt. One Oakville bathroom wall sports hand-cut marble tiles found in a bargain bin. Each piece is a different colour, and most feature heavy patterning or veining. The resulting eclectic design makes this bathroom one of a kind!
Sourcing Marble Tiles
Sometimes decorators luck out by finding returned marble tiles at major hardware chains, but more often stone suppliers are a source for marble tiles. There are several reputable stone importer-distributors near Oakville, and these can be treasure troves! Explore the showroom to find bargain tiles, or ask for any broken or out-of-style tiles that may be destined for scrap. Often a design will suggest itself based on the materials at hand.
Your creativity is limited only by the scope of your imagination. Designing marble tile mosaics, borders, and backsplashes can be a fun and inexpensive way to bring the beauty of marble into your home!